How To Find The Best 40″ TV for The Best Price

Home entertainment has reached a very high level with a lot of options to choose from. In this article, I will provide a consumers guide on how to find the best value for money.

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Defining a TV as the best, stems from a lot of elements. Especially when you take pricing into consideration, “the best” can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. In other words, you will most likely get different responses to the question “which is the best TV”, based on who you ask and how much money that person has on hand for a new TV. This guide will help you get a better sense of what you should be looking for when shopping for a new TV, not to get the best TV, but to get the best one for your price range.

Choosing a range

One of the first decisions you have to make is what kind of TV you are going for. In order to start rummaging through the prices, you must first pick a category. These are the types of TVs that you can choose from at the moment, for the best quality:

  • Full HD TVs
  • 4K TVs
  • Curbed TVs

Depending on which has the features that you desire most, you can start looking in that respective category for the TV model serves your interests. Each has some unique characteristics, followed by a set of general features which you can find universally spread across all modern TVs.

  1. Full HD TVs are the most common and are currently the go-to solution. They are most known for their 1080p resolution, which categorizes them as Full HD in the first place.
  2. 4K TVs are the big brother of 1080p displays, with a resolution that is four times as high as 1080p, thus the 4K moniker. These TVs offered an even better picture quality and are the newer and more in demand technology out there.
  3. Curbed TVs are even newer than 4K displays, but are not yet so widely placed in consumer homes. They are very expensive and offer a curbed display, which mainly fulfills the purpose of immersion. They are usually placed in the 4K display range as well.

If you’re in the market for a 40 inch TV, you can check out a comprehensive comparison review, with a lot of details for the best 40-inch TV options.

Flashy or functional

Like most electronics, TVs come in different packages and some manufacturers will offer you a TV with many bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean that your viewing experience is actually influenced in a positive manner. What this means is that a TV can cost a lot more because of its appealing but not very effective features, as opposed to a more basic model which gets the job done, based on my reviews on

Each price category has this kind of distinction between models and you can easily see how two products placed at similar price points offer a very different package in terms of features. But here’s the trick: While you were busy gasping at the cool things the flashier model can pull off, you didn’t notice that it also has a much worse refresh rate for instance. If you’re trying to use your TV for playing console games for instance, the refresh rate is crucial and thus you are getting the short stick in this deal, based on your personal needs.

The basic model might be less flashy, but it has a very reliable refresh rate and it comes with a wider variety of ports. Things like these often make up the difference in price between models, and it’s important to know whether you’re in it for the flashy features or the straightforward, efficiency-driving functions.

Feature shortlist

We’ve talked about how features aren’t everything and how you should be careful when a TV’s extra features inflate the price tag. However there’s no denying that features are important. No matter what kind of TV you want to buy, there are no doubt certain things that you want your TV to be able to do. Make a shortlist of the features your purchase must have. Having it ready before shopping will help you stay centered and focus on the important things. Here is an example of the kind of a feature shortlist:

  • It must have a very good refresh rate
  • It must have a 3.5 mm Jack port
  • It needs at least 4 HDMI ports
  • It needs to have a curbed display

Now, you already have eliminated a large portion of the TVs on the market, which don’t fit this description. Now you’re left with a much smaller pool of options which you can filter through easily.

Take an opinion

You’re already on your way to getting the best TV for the price range you have in mind. However, depending on what kind of characteristics you’re looking for, you might still have a long list of TVs to sort through. A very useful thing to do is to see what other qualified people think about it. For example, if you primarily want to enjoy 3D content on your TV, look up reviews of the best 3D displays available. If you’re looking to play games on your TV, ask your favorite content creators or gamers what kind of TV they have, and what would they recommend.

Essentially, it’s all about finding a person that knows what they’re talking about and that you trust, and seeing what their two-cents are on the matter.

Finding the best TV for your price range means that you have to look past general categorizations of displays. Instead of assessing a TV as being part of a category or price range, see what it offers individually and put it against other models. Eventually, a winner will emerge and you will notice that it offers the best package for the kind of money you’re willing to invest into a new TV.

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