How to extract the icon of a file easily with Icons From File

Arrange icons at any time are very useful. For example, if we want to customize our computer by changing icons or simply change application’s icon on the other that we like more than another for comfort, handy icon files going to greatly simplify this task. By default, executable .exe has its icon in the executable package and can not be removed without further. To do this you need to use specific applications like Icons From File.

Icons From File

Icons From File is a free application compatible with Windows XP and above, which will allow us to easily extract icons from a specific executable, and save it wherever you want and always have it handy so that, if needed, to access it easily.

How it works
Use this application is very simple. The first thing to do is download this application from their main website. Once downloaded install it in our system. The installation is done quickly and cleanly without install any malware or suspicious software on the system.

To find freely icons will click the button Find files with icons inside and a simple file Explorer will open at the bottom. On the left side we select the folder that contains the icon and on the right side display all of the programs contained in that folder.

Seek the executable we want and, at the top, we were the icons that come integrated in this appear. To save the icon in the list, just click on the icon in the form of floppy (save) at the top of the window, select the extension and save it to use it whenever we want.

It is advisable to save as ICO format as this is the most used to assign icons.