How To Choose A Good Cloud Storage Provider

When it comes to choosing a good online cloud storage provider, you have to do your research. Knowing what a company has to offer has everything to do with whether or not you’re going to be a satisfied customer. There are a variety of different factors to consider, including:

online cloud storage

  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Choice Of Data Center Locations
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Remote Login Options
  • File Permission Options
  • Solid State Drives
  • Choice Of Server Software

Below, you’ll find an explanation of each of these factors and why they’re available.

Uptime Guarantee – The uptime guarantee of a cloud storage provider can keep you safe from financial harm if the network somehow goes down. The guarantee generally states that you don’t have to pay for the fees of the service if it fails to deliver on the uptime promise. And generally, there’s very little downtime except to replace server hardware, which is generally a rare occurrence. Make sure the sever has SQL server recovery in place.

Choice Of Data Center Locations – In order to choose the right data center location for you, first you must consider whether or not the data center is meeting or exceeding safety standards and precautions. It can do a lot for your peace of mind if you know the cloud servers are operating at peak efficiency and that your files are protected from harm.

Satisfaction Guarantee – This is useful during times when you don’t get what you expect out of the service. If you’re unhappy with how it performs for any reason, you can generally get a refund for the cost of the service if you cancel your service within a set time frame, like 30 days for instance.

Remote Login Options – This is a real must for mobile teams. Instead of having to be in one set location without the freedom to move around, now work collaboration teams can be in multiple locations, each with their own cloud login access and more. Being able to work with the cloud over a smartphone or tablet device is crucial to the success of some business campaigns.

File Permission Options – Without the ability to set file permissions, one bad keystroke could ruin a project completely. Not only that, but not having the ability to set file permissions undermines the security of the software. If the employee can’t change some files, then neither could anyone else. Limiting file access as much as possible to eliminate security leaks is important.

Solid State Drives – The use of solid state drives has improved ping latency times by a landslide. Meaning, data is now being delivered at a much faster rate because solid state data reading/writing is so much faster.

Choice Of Server Software – Apache isn’t the only server software out there. Now there’s other software options available that are much more streamlined and faster than the original and aging Apache.