How often should I format my PC?

Formatting a PC is an easy task that many people abuse this feature and formatted PC even several times a year when in most cases it is absolutely unnecessary. For that reason we decided to create a guide so you know what factors you should consider before you restore the factory settings of your Windows, so that you stop wasting time on unnecessary formatted.

format pc

It all depends on how you use your PC
If you use your PC to surf the web and play Minecraft, then most likely not necessary format at all; while people who use it in a professional manner they are more prone to the deterioration of the operating system and even the virus.

This is because the professionals usually walk transferring multiple files between multiple storage units (including the partition on which Windows is installed), as well as installing and uninstalling a lot of working software. These are such things that Windows deteriorate faster, but still formatted more than once per year is overstated.

Why it is exaggerating? Because while to know which programs to install and what not to install, as you keep a good order within your storage partitions, the more you’ll ever need are maintenance programs like CCleaner. Because usually what slow down your PC are junk files and unnecessary programs that many people install and then forget about the world. CCleaner is responsible to the perfection of those problems so you do not see the need for formatting.

If I install an antivirus not I will have to format my PC?
If you do not install programs from dubious sources, you will not even see the need to install antivirus as rest all they do is reduce computer performance considerably. Many formatted their PC thinking that a virus slowed all, when in fact the antivirus is consuming full power of the PC into unnecessary scans.

Of course, if you are someone who is always connecting unknown storage units or if your job depends on receiving files from other computers, then it should install an antivirus to avoid any possible contamination.

So when I format my PC?

  • If you obtained a virus that can not undo any antivirus, then it is good idea to reformat your PC.
  • If for any reason you deleted, configured incorrectly or polluted the Windows installation files; then it is a good idea to reformat your PC.
  • If your hard drive or SSD has received and transferred many files that already stacking garbage files are too large for CCleaner or other maintenance program, then it is good idea to reformat your PC.

If your PC does not suffer from any of these conditions, do not waste time for formatting because then you only needs your computer is a little maintenance and order. Even if you feel that in the same way you format it, Windows offers an option that preserves your files, which is basically a surface maintenance of the operating system that does not need much meddling in files saved in the hard disk.