How is the viewfinder of Oculus Rift virtual reality

It is one of the big bets that have Facebook, plan to use virtual reality to connect people in the future, beyond the current social network. However, Oculus VR is a company still has its flagship, the viewer Rift, at an early stage of development.

Oculus Rift virtual reality

The Oculus Rift is a new accessory, light and that it complies with the expectations generated around the virtual reality.

The device projects images independent paths to each eye, which work in coordination with an array of sensors that track the movement of the user’s head. Its use generated some discomfort and slight dizziness, despite checking its operation with a video of short duration, one of the challenges that Oculus Rift must overcome in terms of prolonged use of the viewfinder.

In turn, the platform still has a few games that are adapted to this interface, which promises to reshape game industry in the next titles. However, the sale of the prototype generated excitement in the developer community, with over 60,000 units shipped in the first version.

The company also confirmed that the second generation of the viewer, called DK2, had reserved more than 25,000 units, which will be released mid this year. This model has improved the screen with an OLED display which provides a HD resolution for each eye.