How is FireChat, the application that allows you to chat without Internet connection

Miles and miles running at incredible speeds for a car, at least to finish unscathed. The hero wins, always, even a lawbreaker or one of his guards. Only some bruises and the winner leave the body without even breaking a sweat.


If anything was missing from the competitive world of mobile instant messaging application that was allowed to get in touch without the need for an Internet connection. That is what is proposed FireChat, the big news in mobile chat fans at all times, even when there is no 3G or available Wi-Fi connection.

How that FireChat is can function without Internet access? FireChat communication uses a structure called Multipeer Connectivity Framework (MCF), one composed of various devices connected to each other via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity within a range of, approximately 10 meters platform. Users who are within this network can exchange messages and pictures together, without needing to be connected to Internet.

But the key is that each user connected to this session of FireChat extends network coverage; the grace of the service is that it does not require a server that processes the messages, but they are the same devices in the group that is connected at some point those who make them circular and add users. Each new addition to the temporary network extends coverage.

Of course, only serves to bring digital conversations with users geographically close; It is not a replacement for conventional chat services, in which the other person can be anywhere in the world.

Open Garden, the company behind FireChat, stresses that its application is ideal for environments where high concentration of people, such as a concert or a trip by subway, prevent users from having a traditional service connectivity to chat as Whatsapp, Line, Hangouts, iMessage, etc.

FireChat began as an exclusive service for users of the iPhone and iPad, and now expanded its coverage to Android devices. It is free to download and has no cost. Unlike other messaging services, requiring at least a telephone line or the registration of a user name, the FireChat service is anonymous.