Headache of Google Glass

Sound and echo the Google Glass, augmented reality device that is in the soup calls to revolutionize the industry, the exact date of the start of marketing to the general public is still unknown. Goodness does, but could involve some type of health problem that is still unknown. Google said last year that can cause headaches or stress of eyes ‘like a conventional glasses’.

echo google glass

Still in its infancy, and while other companies like Samsung and have been postulated to launch similar devices, there has been talk of a price of 1,500 euros from its launch, expected by end of year. Until that happens and its possible influence and impact analyzes, it is not known whether it will be possible to use them to full time because carrying a child reader in the right eye creates problems for their users.

An enthusiastic and known popularizer of the advantages of Google Glass, Chris Barret, known among other things for having recorded the advantages by this device, has assured to have experienced “strong headaches” for an extended period of time.

Barrett explained that not using the device since the year began. “The first headache I experienced the first week of lead Glass. The wearing every day at Starbucks, the mall, driving, in the office … not passing a minute without it” he adds. “The second day was the same, searching on Google everything I could, impressed by the novelty and teaching them to friends to use, and after a few hours my head began to beat with strength. Usually do not give me headaches, so I decided to turn them off”.

After living this episode, asked the Google Glass user forum to see if anyone else had experienced this kind of problem. Barrett acknowledges that he met a person who had to keep the glasses on top of the nose to see the bottom of the screen, which produced that were required to look up also causing headaches. The reason given is ‘excessive visual fatigue’, so decided that the easiest solution is to simply not use for long periods of time.