Great 2017 Virtual Reality Headsets Under $100

Why do some VR sets cost $800 while others are well under $100? Here is the deal with the expensive ones: they do provide a great experience, but this doesn’t mean the cheap items are a miss. The pricey types come with a lot of sophisticated accessories, which definitely add up to the price. It’s these complicated devices that seem to be complex and therefore superior. Yet, a cheap headset can be just as satisfying.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Sure, big names like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Sony PlayStation VR have features, like higher resolution and advanced motion tracking, but the cheaper and simpler devices still get the job done, whether it’s for entertainment or for educational purposes. See below the easy way out if you’re looking to buy a VR headset but you don’t want to splurge.

Google’s unexpectedly good and cheap VR sets
Google has created its own devices and platforms and the price tag for these innovations is incredibly low compared to the rest on the market. The two notable models are:

  • Cardboard
  • And

  • Daydream View.
  • With Google Cardboard you can access a rich variety of apps and have unlimited VR experiences. However, it’s the most delicate device of all, considering it’s actually got a cardboard exterior. The viewer folds out and the Cardboard platform enable app use through the connected smartphone.

    Google Daydream View, on the other hand, has been selected as one of the best headsets available. The price is around $80. It is easy to use, as an intuitive interface and quick, uncomplicated app selection. The adjustable strap and the fabric finish make it comfortable, especially when used in a busy environment like a classroom. However, it isn’t as sturdy as the more expensive, plastic counterparts. Also, another downside refers to the phone compatibility. Smartphones must meet certain requirements in order to work with this. In addition, Android Nougat is the recommended OS. Actually, with this kind of headset, the phone becomes the main device. Almost everything is up to it. The headset in itself is like a light shell provided with lenses. The controller is an excellent one. Add the built-in motion sensor and you’re already having a great, reliable VR kit.

    Gear VR for Samsung owners
    If your smartphone is a Samsung, your best bet is the Gear VR. Its new built-in sensors increase the performance, app management is simple and the motion controller is similar to that of Daydream. It will not work with the Cardboard of Google apps, though.

    BoboVR Z4: leading field of view
    The view field with this one stands at 120 degrees and the headset is equipped with everything you need, from headphones to smartphone integration. You can even use it with glasses on and adjust the lenses, as you like. It’s very simple to use, adaptable and has the best field of view.

    FiiT VR 2S for total newbies
    Some users are completely new to VR sets. They also don’t want to upgrade to the latest smartphone model to make this work. Here is the solution for them: FiiT VR 2S does not require the latest Samsung phone, all it needs is one with a gyroscope and most do have it. The field of view stands at 102 degrees so it’s not as good as the one above, but it is just as simple to manage.

    These low-cost VR sets are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. If you’re new to virtual reality, go for the uncomplicated.