Gramofon: Fon bet for streaming music

The company founded by Martin Varsavsky, Argentinan introduced a new product that integrates a stereo with Spotify and Facebook.


Fon, the network of free Wi-Fi, presented a new solution to take your music everywhere. The Gramofon is basically a kind of router, as the company already uses the Internet to share Fon with an audio output that lets you connect to any stereo and using your phone as a remote control, play songs from Spotify application. In this way, you can listen to your music from anywhere where there is a connected device.

How it works? The user connects to the Wi-Fi network that emits gramofon, download the Spotify application for Android or iPhone, using the phone as a screen, you can choose the songs you want to hear. The streams run by charge of the Internet connection of the Gramophone, ensuring no problems with playing music. Moreover, and here is its social side, there may be more than one user connected to the same computer, allowing for collaborative play lists and share songs.

On the other hand, the Gramofon also has two native apps to access Facebook and to play music online radio type based on your musical tastes.

The brand new equipment was officially presented in draft format within the Kickstarter platform. Those who are interested in trying to access the first devices must be depositing about $30.

This development comes as a result of an agreement that the company founded by Martin Varsavsky, Argentinian sealed with Spotify. However, from Fon ensure that equipment is made based on hardware and software and open source in the future, they plan to open the platform to make streaming from other online music platforms.