Google prohibits pornography in Chromecast

Google has warned in the kit for developers (SDK) of Chromecast, a ‘dongle’ device that can transmit web content from a tablet, “smartphone” or PC directly to the TV, the prohibition of adult content applications.

google prohibits pornography

In the new terms of use of the product is stated that the device will not allow content that contains nudity, sexual acts and explicit material, as reported IBTimes. “We do not allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material”, describes the terms of Google.

The SDK urges developers to conform to the required guidelines and to “meet content policies listed in Google Play”. Therefore, the ‘apps’ for Chromecast may not distribute the content with sexually explicit materials, plus gambling and speech that appeal to hatred, though not prevent reproduce any sexual content.

The company also pointed out in its terms of service that has a zero tolerance policy regarding images of child sexual abuse. In case of detecting images of child sexual abuse to inform the relevant authorities and delete the accounts of all users involved in the distribution of that content.

The war on porn has led Google to ban apps also related to “dubious activities” in his other products like Google Glass, device of augmented reality to be traded at the end of the year.