Google Photos Has A New Feature To Magically Enhance Your Photos

Google Photos, the company’s photo storage application, has a new feature to enhance your photos and without any hassle.

google photos auto white balance

The company announced a new feature called “auto white balance”. Now, when users select a filter, the Google Photos app will correct the white balance in an image, in addition to the exhibition and the saturation. Users can modify things even more by going into “color” and adjusting the warmth and dye.

In short, the white balance is a tool that allows you to see the colors correctly. Sometimes, due to lighting, the photos may be too yellow, or strangely blue. Auto white balance is a basic feature of most cameras and photo editing tools, and helps make your images look better and more natural.

Google has consistently added useful updates to Google Photos since its launch a couple of years ago, most recently integrating smart albums and a tool called PhotoScan to scan old photos.

The main attraction of the product is its amazing search function, which allows users to search for images not only by basic criteria such as date and time, but also the use of advanced filters such as faces of specific people and simple objects or configurations, such as “Beach” or “watermelon”.

Photos is one of the best recent Google products. The company has used its years of research in search, image recognition and automatic learning to make a product that is at its best Google is simple and reliable.

Automatic white balance is expected to arrive this week for all Android and the web and will be coming to iOS soon.