Google launches to manufacture robots

While Amazon announced with great fanfare in the future, sooner than later, make deliveries of products to its customers through drones, Google investigates the possibilities of robots in his “Moonshot” project.

manufacture robots

The creator of the successful Android OS, Andy Rubin has revealed that manufacture a line of robots to Google. In principle, these would not intended for home use but would rather oriented to join the industry so that automation is increased in different sectors.

The Mountain View company has refused to be left behind in terms of automata products and advertised a project that might make your competition to that service cinematic proposed by Amazon. This would explain, in part, the efforts of Google during the last half of the year in acquiring, silently, to seven companies, including Schaft, a Japanese manufacturer of humanoid or Industrial Perception, specializing in robotic vision.

“There is an important visionary in this field”, said Rubin, who predicts that in a period of ten years from now will be observed “a robotic panorama”. These efforts to investigate robotics not be aimed at consumers but for industrial applications, where Rubin points to opportunities in manufacturing and logistics.

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