Google launches Android Wear: Operating system for smart watches

Pichar Sundar, head of Android, Chrome and Google Apps has announced the launch of “Android Wear”, an operating system designed specifically for smart watches.

google launches android wear

In the corporate blog Sundar says that smartphones are the tip of the iceberg of the potential of mobile technology. “That’s why we’re excited about the “wearables”, who understand the CoNEXT of what surrounds us, and we can interact with them easily and efficiently”, he said. “Today we present Android Wear, a project that Android extends toward wearable. And we start with the most common, watches”, he wrote.

Pichar says this operating system in a wider range of devices offers four options: useful information when necessary; send questions via voice (OK, Google); monitor health and fitness, and ultimately, a key for multi-screen world. There is already an active section for developers that focus on “wearables” that can be downloaded in a preliminary version to adapt applications to the ecosystem of the wearable.

They note that many applications will run correctly, because it is the same ecosystem. Pichar points that it is already working with several manufacturers like Asus, LG, Motorola, HTC and Samsung. They add that Fossil brand also make watches with Android Wear. Motorola and LG have already presented their respective Ā«teaserĀ» of watches with Android Wear.