Google launches Android Oreo (Go Edition)

The new version of the system is focused on the optimization of equipment with more basic features.

Android Oreo

As the telephony market grows, Google needs to pay more attention. With more than 2 billion terminals running Android inside, it is mandatory to take into account all user profiles in order to offer the best experience individually to each of them. With that objective, Android Oreo (Go Edition) was born, a version of the system resized to the bottom to match perfectly with the most contained features of the phones.

In this way, smartphones that have between 512 MB and 1GB of RAM will come with this version of Android so that its operation can be better for longer. According to the company, Go Edition is composed of a trident of fundamental improvements for this type of devices: performance improvements, new proprietary applications designed specifically and a version of Play Store that shows which are the applications that work best with the device that you own.

A matter of optimization

In low-end phones, every little aspect counts when it comes to improving or worsening the user experience. Therefore, the company ensures that with the new version of the operating system applications can operate 15 percent faster.

As for the applications that Google will provide natively in the system, they are Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play. With them, it is intended that everything be as optimized as possible without having to have a reduced version of them or an experience in general poorer than what can be obtained with standard applications.

The launch of Android Oreo (Go Edition) is interesting from the point of view of the need for Google to expand even more countries, where phones usually have ideal specifications for the implementation of this plan. For the rest of manufacturers that want to provide a better experience to their terminals without the need for them to be low-end, there is always the option of implementing Android One, a version that can work wonders and transform simplicity into something very remarkable, such as happens with the Xiaomi Mi A1.