Google launched online lab to train journalists

Google launched an online laboratory to help journalists to improve their skills in the era of Internet and train them in the use of different applications of the US giant.

google news lab

“We propose numerous tools that can be used in newsrooms to make reports and write articles”, the director of the new “News Lab”, Steve Grove, citing among other mapping site Google Maps and to the program of demographic information Fusion Tables.

In this new site, journalists can also receive training in data search or reporting techniques, according to a blog published by Google.

According to the company, the project has an international dimension and will have recruited in France, Britain, Germany and United States teams.

The announcement comes shortly after the launch by Apple for an application dedicated to the actuality in its operating system iOS9, which could become a direct competitor to Google.

The giant of Cupertino (California, western United States) decided to hire experienced journalists to manage its consecrated to the information application, unlike its rivals, which rely on algorithms.