Google invests $17 million in inclusive technology projects for disabled people

Google has called for a more edition of Google Impact Challenge with which distributed 17 million dollar of funding non-profit organizations which develop projects that use technology to give disabled people a better quality of life.

Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities

With that money to finance projects of 30 organizations that use technology to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. The 30 organizations belong to the third sector and there are non-profit organizations.

The initiative, in which these 30 NGOs have been selected is called Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities and have a budget of $17.5 million and rewarded with funding technological developments that may become global and that help improve the quality of life for the disabled people.

One of the projects graced with the financing has been Motivation UK that plasma designs of wheelchairs with 3D printers. This project has achieved a funding of 760,000 euro. Another of the projects to be financed is the ProPortion Foundation which develops high-quality prosthetic sockets for patients in developing countries.

Wheelmap is a German NGO that develops accessibility maps which are distributed through free apps that allow disabled people to design accessible routes. This project will receive funding of 822,000 euro.

The Israeli NGO Beit Issie Shapiro will count with 610,000 euro for the development of prototypes that allow people suffering from different kinds of disabilities have a more independent life which cannot be permanently protected by their caregivers.