Google and LG produce a revised version of Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is a good high-end smartphone and a good price. However, among so many features not everything could be perfect. For example, according to an analysis, the mobile had problems with the LED light. Other portals reflect the SIM card had sometimes trouble adjusting or soft shell is marred by the way it had built edges.

nexus 5 revised version

Google and LG are aware of these problems and manufacturing, have already sent a shipment with a revised version of these phones.

This has notified the developer forums XDA Developers, pointed out that after complaining of some damage, we had sent a modified to change.

The changes may not be so obvious, but have improved buttons that previously danced and made noise. They have also fixed the problem of the SIM, have elongated microphone and speaker holes.

Before this act of redemption, many users of Nexus 5 devices affected by several faults returned the phone to Google. Digital Trends notes that there is no guarantee for a completely revised nexus.