Google and autonomous car: The ambitious plan to move forward into the future

The future of the car, getting closer Google wants to launch its own cars without a driver. So far, the Mountain View Company has been working with other car companies to incorporate the software’s grip on certain car models. However, the company wants to engage more fully in the project and design their own vehicles.

google autonomous car

The Mountain View Company is a pioneer in this field and may launch cars in 2017 with self-control. One of the founders of Google, Sergey Bin, told that Google does not own a car and want to build your own instead of collaborating with other car manufacturers.

Recently, the Internet giant has invested $258 million in transportation service Uber for sharing knowledge of their local transport services with Google. While this happens, the company has already begun to put pressure on manufacturers of vehicles to include grip technologies and are put in place the regulatory laws for this system. Some manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Daimler AG, and want to include automation processes in some models to allow in traffic, for example, the car can respond autonomously.

Mark C class model cars will include next year a system that may slow or accelerate the fly autonomously depending on the speed of the vehicle which precedes it. The price of these systems is a problem for manufacturers and users, as the Internet giant already has a small fleet of cars associated with autonomous driving Toyota branded cars with a cost of $150,000 (about 112,000 euros) each unit. In its process to adapt new technologies to the vehicle, the German company has been testing the benefits of augmented reality Google Glass device to incorporate them as a browser.

Advantages of autonomous car

  • Autonomous cars could find the fastest way to get from one place to another path.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption thanks to techniques to improve traffic.
  • Reducing accidents by security systems that provide autonomous increase respect for human such as the expansion and maintenance of the safety distance between vehicles. Also prevent vehicle occupants are entertained in the tasks of driving and navigation.
  • Reducing the amount of space required for the parking of vehicles, since, among other things, it could close parking.

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