Google acquires Songza, a music application that sounds according to the time

Google acquired streaming music service Songza. The purchase was announced via a posting on the Google Play Profile in the social network Google+. The operation was closed for about 15 million dollars, although there has been no confirmation on this aspect by Google or Songza.

google acquires songza

Songza is a free platform of recommendations and suggestions to streaming music, unlike other similar services like Spotify and Pandora, not based choosing music only on algorithms, but also takes into account other data, such as time of day, the time or the place from where you listen to automatically select the songs you listen to users.

Moreover, in the long run, Google will try to find a way to bring the system select Songza to Youtube and other Google products.

With this acquisition, Google responds to movement of Apple, which recently announced less than a month buying Beats Electronics for 3,000 million dollars (about 2,194 million euros).

Songza has been operating since 2007 and since its inception has achieved $6.7 million (4.90 million euros), investors like Amazon, Gary Vaynerchuck, Scooter Braun and Deep Fork Capital. The music platform has about 5.5 million active users and it is accessible through its “app” for mobile devices running with Android and iOS operating system.