Galaxy K zoom, another camera with Samsung mobile

The device Samsung Galaxy K zoom that the company introduced today follows the line that created the Galaxy S4 zoom to half of last year: combining a smartphone with a camera with optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy K zoom

When it comes to cell, has a 4.8 inch screen (1280 x 720 pixels), 2GB RAM, quad-core chip that combines 1.3 GHz and other two to 1.7 GHz; 8 GB internal and microSD slot; LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC; GPS; Android 4.4 and 2430 mAH battery. The thickness of the equipment is from 16.6 to 20 mm.

But what sets it apart from other smartphones, of course, is the camera, with a 20.7 megapixel sensor (a resolution similar to the one of the last two Sony Xperia) with optical image stabilization and 10x optical zoom; as in a pocket camera, it is retractable. The sensor has a size of 1/2, 3 and the lens allows an aperture of F3.1 at 6.3. It has Xenon flash (such as using conventional cameras and Nokia Lumia 1020) and is capable of recording video in Full HD. It has separate controls for focus and exposure, object tracking to keep the focus on a video.

Samsung bet differs from others, such as Nokia (use a larger and more megapixel sensor to allow a digital zoom while maintaining an acceptable range of quality) or Sony, thinking about large lens that attaches to smartphone.