Free AVG Antivirus for Mac and Android

Many people believe that using a Mac is immune to viruses. This is a serious error, although that alternative to Windows operating systems are safer, that does not mean there is no danger.

free avg antivirus

Increasingly, companies are taking specific antivirus products for the Apple operating system. Thus, one of the AVG antivirus companies used by users has released a free antivirus for Mac users; it is the new free AVG Antivirus for Mac.

This new software uses the same system of protections that are already used in versions for Windows and protects systems both Macs and Android with the experience the many years that the company has been working on the threats.

Like most free AVG antivirus for Mac provides complete scanning of the hard drive, and a scanner system to analyze suspicious files by simply dragging them to the main window of AVG.

Its options are almost identical to the antivirus for Windows, with the difference that in this case we analyze the Mac and Android viruses.

Currently downloading this antivirus is available for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Android versions.

Undoubtedly, this is great news for users of these systems that companies seemed forgotten creating antivirus software.

In order to stop an application that doesn’t respond to your action on Mac OS X, you can use the Force Quit Applications function to force that application to quit immediately.