Flyability Gimball is an anti-collision drone that has lead a million dollars

“UAE Drones for Good Award” is possibly the most important competition on drones, with a prize of one million dollars to the winners. The protagonist of our story, Flyability Gimball has emerged winner of the contest with a very interesting proposal for its design and possibilities.

flyability gimBall

The Swiss team Flyability beat over 800 competitors arrived around the world to Dubai. Their proposal is characterized by having a spherical shell that protects drone propellers of colliding with the environment and at the same time that it does not harm people or elements of the stay where it is flying.

Gimball has been designed thinking about rescue missions, thinking that the vehicle will be circulating in closed environments, with nearby walls and difficult to hit with paths. With the frame of carbon fiber that it have mounted, there is a greater margin for error.

A shield to protect the drone, or protect ourselves from it
The structure can be rotated around the central zone of the drone, thus yielding a greater stability while not allowing a fixed design that can more easily engage protrusions environment.

Its developers have been working significantly in fundraising to take forward the project, but the prize of Drones for Good will not have too many problems in closing the fringes that are missing to turn it into a product that can offer.