Flower Power: Personal assistant of gardening

Parrot has developed a device that relied on the internet of things, analyzes the state of the plants and alerts the caregiver of their needs through an application for smartphones and tablets.

parrot flower power

This is Flower Power, a wireless plastic gadget located in land plants and has four sensors, detects light, moisture, ambient temperature and level of fertilizer plant species. The device collects data every fifteen minutes and sends the information via Bluetooth to a mobile application.

The ‘app’, which relies on a database with the characteristics and needs of 6,000 plant species, detects what are the optimal levels of water, fertilizers, light and temperature for each type of plant and informs the user in real time how to care for it. The application notifies the user, for example, if you need fertilizer or has too much water and also includes treatment recommendations for the near future.

“Flower Power helps keep the plants alive,” explained today in Madrid the head of product manager Michael Pastor, who has acknowledged that this is a “very different” project that usually does the technology company. The device, developed in collaboration with scientists and university academics, work indoors and outdoors, to withstand temperatures between minus 10 and 55 degrees Celsius.

This contraption, powered by a battery, contains a “flash” memory that stores information about the state of the plant for eight days and allows you to control how several species are that coexistence in same pot. Parrot commercializes Flower Power at a price of 49 euros in blue, green and brown colors and by the time your application is only compatible with the Apple iOS operating system.

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