Firefox introduced version 29 of its browser

Unifies its appearance between the desktop version and the mobile; it is more friendly touch screens; according to its creators is faster and more agile than previous.

firefox version 29

The Mozilla Foundation released version 29 of its Firefox browser for PC and Android. In visual terms is its biggest change since 2011 and includes 1300 changes to the browser. And according to its developers it is the fastest and lighter than previous versions.

When it comes to visual style as in its desktop and mobile versions is unified, and a new menu of options appears, with icons to access to frequently used tools, the right of the search box and directions (similar to Chrome schema and the latest Internet Explorer).

This menu makes it more friendly for use with touch screens, and can be modified, changing the buttons that look, its location, adding extensions and so on. A specific button for favorites is also created.

And bring a new way to activate the service sync bookmarks, history and passwords; password no longer used as a string of randomly generated characters, but it allows the creation of a standard user and password. This is also available for version 29 of Firefox for Android.