Facebook will begin to enhance their groups with the function of suggestions ‘Discover’

Facebook keeps trying to touch up some of its most senior functions. After resurrecting their notes, and after rumors of a redesign for the Marketplace that mimic Wallapop, now it seems that finally the time has come to their groups by adding a new discovery function.

facebook discover

‘Discover’ is a new tab that Facebook is testing in mobile applications, taking into account our interests and those of our friends to suggest public or private groups that may be interested. Also play an important role in our geographic area, as we will suggest interesting groups that are becoming trend near us.

And with automatic suggestions if we did not have enough, the application will also allow us to navigate between groups of 25 categories among which we find those related to sports, food, sales, networking, animals and pets, hobbies or travel. Each issue will have a list of groups sorted by popularity and members that we could know.

The groups are one of the features with more weight on Facebook with about 1000 million people subscribed to any of them. But the experience of finding one to our taste leaves a lot to be desired, since we have to go looking for them using the internal search keywords or waiting for that someone invited us.

At the moment we are before one of the classical tests of Facebook in which not everyone has access to the new functionality, but those who have tried say that is remarkably intuitive and that suggestions of groups are very accurate. It remains to be seen how long it takes to reach us all.