Facebook will allow enter anonymously in third-party applications

Among so many online platforms that require a username and password, various technology companies began to implement the use of Facebook, Twitter or Google to access their services. This method is usually implemented in both games and applications like Spotify or Flipboard, to mention a few of the many developments that have adopted this form of income.

This mode is usually the most convenient to enter quickly to a service or application, but often causes complaints in those zealous users of your online privacy: as usual, using a Facebook account implies accepting the publication activities for use in the social network.

To avoid such situations, Mark Zuckerberg announced at F8, the Facebook developer conference, the function that lets you enter anonymously in a third party application.

“Some users are uncomfortable using income through Facebook. If you’re not convinced of the security of the application, or don’t want to bother your contacts with automatic publications, anonymous entry restricts such activities”, said co-founder and CEO of the world’s largest social network.

This type of anonymous income seeks that its base of more than 1000 million users already accessing from a mobile social network, can test applications for their mobile phones and tablets without exposing their personal information or their activities within applications.

The anonymous login using a Facebook account is being tested by a small group of developers, and will be available for the rest of the programming community, so they can implement this option for use in their applications.

In turn, the company announced changes in the way of granting permissions to third party services, where users will be able to choose which personal data can be shared and activities and post on Facebook.

“If a user wishes to share their email address but not their birthday, this change will allow you to do this simple way”, Zuckerberg said at the F8 conference.