Facebook raises “spy” our mouse movements

It seems that Facebook does not have enough with the latest changes and will continue looking for ways to get more out of the monetization of the web. That is why, since the company is perfecting the system of monitoring our movements in the social network.

facebook spy

And that soon Facebook will use our mouse movements to track everything we see on the web and offer advertising more adjusted to our preferences. So all these data they collect, upgrade to a database to study the behavior of users and in the future provide a more targeted advertising.

With this system, since Facebook will be able to know what we are most interested in a site just knowing our mouse movements.

Nothing from company sources have reported that this system not yet implemented as it is still under study how to store and treat a number of big data users and what is the party that can get it.

Although we initially talked about tracking the mouse, users of mobile devices, either to break free of such monitoring, as the company also provides the possibility to keep track of what we see on the mobile screen at all times.

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