Facebook puts to test a button for purchases

The company evaluates an option that allows users to purchase products and services from online notices and publications without having to leave the social network.

facebook buy option

Identified by the universal thumbs up signal, the button like Facebook became an emblem for the company, and occupies a central place within the interactions generated within the platform. Now, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg plans to add the option to buy to allow users to purchase products and services without having to leave the social network.

“We developed this feature focused on privacy, and have worked in the points needed to achieve a secure payment experience, without sharing information on credit cards or debit cards with third parties”, the company said on this new feature. For now, the buy button will be available in a limited number of stores in the United States.

With a user base of over 1.2 billion members, Facebook aims to boost sales transactions and business that are in their platform. It is not the only one who tries to capitalize on the presence of users of social networks, since Twitter experimented with a similar function, known as “Buy now”, according to a series of screenshots that circulated on the Internet.