Facebook increases privacy to new users

The popular social network changed its security policy so that, the publications of new users are not in “public”, visible to all users, as till now – but only for “friends”.

Facebook increases privacy

The new method includes the possibility that a new user can publish a content error. “It’s much worse accidentally share with everyone when they really wanted to do it only with friends”, Facebook said in a statement.

However, new users, a small window will appear on their first publication, warning them that they can choose the desired degree of privacy. If in the first instance who do not choose direct the message, the system will automatically set only to “friends”.

As for people who already have a profile on Facebook, company announced that they will launch in the coming weeks “a privacy Checkup tool”. It will help users to verify who they are directed published posts and who has access to profile information, among other private data.

In the final design of the social network, users can choose from, below the message entry field to publish, the different privacy options that you want. You can even draw up lists of users and post only for “closed” groups.