Facebook can appoint an heir to your account

At a time when social networks have become a ‘memory container’, delete an account can also mean a clear memory of the countless friendships and the moments of the life of a user. For this reason, Facebook has set an option by which users can appoint an heir of his own, thanks to what may administer certain functionality of the same.

facebook legacy contact

The heir may update and add memories and special messages for fixing at the top of the profile, meet new friend requests, download all the pictures and update photos and profile cover. In contrast, you can not access private messages or use the profile to post comments.

At death a person, Facebook gives the option of leaving open the profile and put together to appoint a special reminder. It is at this point that the account happens to belong to the heir.

To name the heir to the account, you can access the Security tab and then click on ‘Legacy Contact’. Following the steps of the wizard, finally, a message is sent to notify the person chosen for the future transfer of account.