Facebook allows auto play video on Apple iOS operating system

Facebook has updated its application for iOS incorporating as principal innovation the option of automatic reproduction of the videos. This new play mode can only be removed when the device is connected via WiFi, which is necessary to indicate in the settings section.

Facebook allows auto play video

Thus, the Zurckerberg networks have followed the steps of other social networks like Instagram or Vine that already had the possibility to autoplay videos. This feature was previously announced by Facebook and is in line with its recent efforts to give more importance to advertising on its mobile application, because with this update, as of now iOS users will see most frequently ads videos. The update is for the 6.8 version of the Facebook mobile app for iOS and is now available in the App Store for iOS 6 or higher.

After starting the tests in September, Faceobok has paved the way for making the social network of 1,150 million members an attractive place for lucrative advertisements similar to television.

Currently, there is no way to opt for this change, but you can adjust some of the playback features to minimize distraction. By default, the playback is silent. The videos are without sound when its appear on the news of a Facebook user, but expand and audio have to be clicked on.

This feature is probably the beginning of what is expected to be a flood of new advertising formats of video in mobile applications. According to several recent press reports, Facebook thinks in charge to the marks between 1 to 2.4 million dollars to show promotional videos of 15 seconds in their social network.