Equalify: New equalizer for Spotify

Spotify is definitely one of the music streaming services most used in the world. There are many users who listen to music through their tablets, smartphones or computers via this service.


With the software that we present today, we can improve the sound of our music even though we have some lower quality computer speakers. So today we present Equalify a ten band equalizer for use with Spotify. Equalify is intended for those users who use the Spotify desktop client (not for the web version).

By installing this equalizer you should do so in the same folder where we have installed the Spotify client, because if we do it in a different folder, did not work. Spotify also must have closed before installation.

As we have already installed the software, and Spotify will open and we can see that a red flag appear in the Spotify bar that indicates that the equalizer is off. Just have to click on the EQ button to activate it and use it in order to better play our music on the PC.

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