Elegant headphones for music lovers

The German company Bang & Olufsen has refined and elegant style of headphones to its range, H6. Its look well and hear well. In recent years, headphones have become an accessory, but that should not only fulfill their primary function, but look good.

h6 headphones

Bang & Olufsen is known for using high quality materials. And this fame has moved to its line of accessories. In this case we have tested the H6 in skin color, are headphone headband model (van above the head), and its structure is made of anodized aluminum, parts in plastic and coated with natural leather.

The part corresponding to the hulls, is very comfortable, padded and is also covered by natural skin. On the outside have aluminum components with symbol B & O. The speakers are covered by a black elastic fabric with giant letters L and R that signal each hull.

Well surprise for the lightness of the helmets, but at the same time give the impression of being strong and robust. Fits good way to head. At first glance, the structure seems solid but the adjustment mechanism is ‘hidden’ under the tape. The first assessment, just for aesthetics, is that headphones are very stylish, good quality and light headphones.

The cable connector can be plugged into the left or right ear, according to user preference. This double plug also functions as audio output. A second user can connect another headset to H6. A good solution for travelers who want to share the music player.

But the cable is not that long. This may be just an opinion. It measures one meter and 25 centimeters, making it longer than many others on the market. But perhaps it is short for professionals who work in sound studios and requiring more movement.

On the cable there are volume controls and to take calls. When connected to a mobile phone. It is compatible with iPhone. Its could be categorized as comfortable, although many critics point out that the Beats HDs, its competitors are even more comfortable.

Sound quality and price
Its design isolates external noise itself, so you do not need to abuse the volume to get good sound quality. Its main function (and paid for) is that sound good and H6 pass the test.

Sound quality is balanced, though perhaps to some seem a little flat. Although it has a good presence of low, do not stand for it. The embedded audio management makes it possible to climb up the volume without feeling that will burst the eardrums. The details of audio also listen effortlessly. With a little volume and the user can be isolated from the world and melt with the music.

Since B & O point out that these headphones are designed to “enjoy music on the move”, but the truth is that these are quite large and in case of trip will be enough room in the bag. But apart from this, thanks to “elegant” could be carried in the neck without any problems because these are going to look good.