Dropbox will allow collaborative editing of files

Dropbox, the firm that offers online storage and sync content between devices, announced that it will soon allow editing of files stored on its servers, so that will compete with Google Docs, the Microsoft Office website or Box.com, among others.

dropbox collaborative

The difference is that the Dropbox service, called Project Harmony and which will give more details in a few days, allows editing of text documents, spreadsheets and presentations simultaneously even if you edit at the same time from Dropbox and Office, regardless of the used operating system.

It will also allow users to see who is reading or editing a file, and hold talks with them with a built-in Instant Messenger. In the future, the company says, it will work with other file formats.

Dropbox, which has 275 million users, has also presented Carousel, an application to view chronologically photos and videos stored on Dropbox and on your phone or tablet, and share them easily.

It is free available for Android and iOS, and the company posits it as an alternative to formal application with the addition that is easy to store images or videos that someone shared with the user (in Dropbox, of course) and includes the opportunity to comment on the shared photos.

It announced the version for Android from your Mailbox (free), and a version-still in development-to for desktops. Mailbox, which until now was only available for iOS devices, it became known for offering a simple tool to tidy up a PO Box address, and select which messages to keep reading (and when they reappear in the inbox) or respond and what delete.

Now add the ability to define, with a gesture, a rule to delete unwanted messages and apply it to the coming mail. All this can be done with a standard client e-mail, but the strength of Mailbox seems to be its ease of use. For now, however, only supports iCloud or Gmail accounts.

The third story was that Dropbox will now see, in its application, the personal account and a user account labor, jumping from one to another in a transparent manner; so far the Dropbox application did not support more than one user.