Design rings that translate sign language to spoken word

A group of students from Asia University have designed a set of rings bracelet combined to interpret sign language and translate it to speech.

Sign Language Ring

The design is based on the idea that understanding of sign language among the population with good hearing is very limited, which creates difficulties a person who can only use this language to communicate or express themselves.

The design of the device called “Sign Language Ring” combines two groups of elements, a series of rings that are located in three fingers of both hands and a bracelet.

When the person moves his fingers to communicate, ring detects and tracks the movement looking for certain signs. These sends signal to the bracelet that translates the sign to voice.

The idea won the Red Dot design competition this year. As explained on the website of the winner, the user can record certain movements and assign precise words, so that the system can be customized with own signs or expressions.

The device also recognizes speech and translates it into text, which is projected on the screen of the bracelet. One of the criteria of the jury at the time of reward is that the design can be produced in the next three years and possible under a reasonable cost.

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