Dell Venue 10 7000 wants to stand up to the iPad Air 2 and even Surface 3

A few months ago Dell introduced on stage its Dell Venue 8 7000, a tablet that was delayed slightly but stood by its thinness and its good balance between price and performance. The manufacturer seems determined to redouble its efforts in this market, and just introduced The Dell Venue 10 7000.

Dell Venue 10 7000

This new addition to the family of Dell tablets directly attacks the segment of tablets with larger diagonal: 10.5 inch display, but resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels which makes clear a declaration of intentions. And again with a remarkable thinness of 6.2 mm, slightly less than the iPad 2.

Dell Venue 10 7000, for convertible tablets

This tablet based on Android 5.0 version is available for $499 with 16GB of storage capacity, but as an element of interest. Dell will sell a keyboard with trackpad that can engage and disengage the device and that makes it an interesting element in productivity which full price becomes $629. In the design highlights the cylinder located in one of the “long” side of the tablet, and that precisely imposes a significant additional weight.

That puts it in the same price range that the iPad Air 2 and Surface 3, but provides some more features as a detection camera depth that integrates 8MP sensor and that aid Intel RealSense 3D technology. With it you can identify objects, measuring distances or get more out of fun and curious effects to Skype for video calls.

The product will be available “in the coming weeks” with weighs 598 grams and will have 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of up to 32GB. The integrated processor is one of the Intel Atom family of Moorefield – older than the interesting Surface 3 X7 – and also will have a micro USB port, headphone jack and a microSD slot.

The battery reaches 7,000 mAh, but the screen resolution is probably not so easy to put “convertible tablet” of Dell in terms of productivity. Still, an interesting proposition if we are looking for an alternative based on Android and also allows us to work or play via the keyboard and trackpad.