Curved and flexible televisions: How far we need?

In corridors and specialized technological means the arrival of flexible television screens are rumored. And they have come at the hands of two giants, Samsung and LG. Prototypes and models that set the trend in the coming years. Or it is assumed because the sector doubt of the success of this technology in the short term.

curved and flexible televisions

So, as happened in the last edition, the South Koreans have revealed for the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014), held in Las Vegas, its giant curved screens of 105 inches in Ultra HD (UHD) known as 4K resolution, which multiplied by four the definition of the current high definition. This new dimension of the image has raised a new range. With different features, Samsung has shown a 85-inch model, which is the first flexible TV. The display goes from flat to curve to taste of the consumer.

LG’s version stays at 77 inches, but both TVs literally bend according to the curvature of the user’s choice and horizontally. In this way, devices can become a flat panel to another curved with just pressing a button, in the case of Samsung, or with remote control, in the case of the LG.

Samsung television was presented under the name of “Bendable TV” together with a 105 inch LCD curve screen and an aspect ratio of 21:09 and 5,120 x 2,160 resolution. In parallel, LG also has shown its own 105-inch TV and the same features as the above the opponents.

This type of display allows, according to the manufacturers, appreciate the images as if they were 3D technology but without using special glasses. That is precisely the objective given that 3D televisions have passed into oblivion. To make way for a new and intense era of surround realism, manufacturers have tried to combine the innovative design of the UHD TV technology similar to that in a movie theater and getting change the way of watching television.

Adapting the home cinema
The challenge is simple. Adapting home cinema, because according defend their creators “curves screens provide greater authenticity to enjoy movies at home that do not offer flat and wide screens, in addition to providing a wider field of view capable of creating a completely absorbing panoramic effect”.

The curved design creates a uniform distance viewing and balanced to provide a more realistic experience, with better viewing angles and higher contrast from different positions, so that all viewers have the chance to enjoy equally without worrying about the status of their seat or even stay flat on the wall when you are not using.