Confide: Message to destroy in five seconds

In a world where non-stop smack personal conversations, spying news and other privacy violations, a applications developer has decided to follow the footsteps of Snapchat and offer a courier service “off the record”.


Confide is a mobile messaging application that tries to emulate a traditional person conversation. The messages are sent through Confide not have the risk of being stored or forwarded, explained from their website.

It has two peculiarities. The first is that the message is deleted and disappears after being read. There is no way to store it. The second feature is that neither could make screenshots because the message is hidden. You can only read it if the slides finger over underlined area that hides the message.

“We have to-end encryption to ensure that conversations are kept confidential and private. Even we in Confide we can not decrypt or see messages”, explained from their website.

They point out that there are good cases for using this application. “Anytime you want to have honest conversations, unfiltered, off-the-record”.

For example, when a co-worker or journalistic source sends you a text under the heading “Confidential-not forward” or in ‘unofficial’ conversations that occur in the real world.

From Confide point out that if someone tries to make a screenshot an alert is sent to the sender.

“We believe that the concept of permanent digital record is crazy. Imagine if everything you say (spoken words) were stored that way. We believe this is wrong and got ready to fix it. Honestly, we have built Confide for ourselves. We have been using for a while and now we bring the world”, have reflected its creators Howard Lerman and Jon Brod. It is now available for free only for iOS 7 and they are already working on the Android version.