Common mistakes in SEO campaigns

The web position or organic position, terms with the activity is known to locate a web site at the top of the results page, has been changed over time. Here is some list of some common mistakes when trying to position a site:

seo mistakes

Hosting and Server

It is advisable to have a dedicated hosting or a dedicated virtual version. This type of accommodation will help Google spider to think that the site is hosted only and thus is not affected by other sites with bad reputation.

Make sure the page loads quickly. We recommend using the cache; this ensures that heavy elements of the site take less time to display. You can also use gzip compressors that will help make the site takes less time to load.

Domain Name
If different versions of a site are used as for example with and without the “www”. You must create redirects to point to a single site. Otherwise, Google will think you have duplicate sites, which can be penalized by the search engine.

Sitemaps are important because they help search engines know what a site is. Never mind that a page does not have one anyway will be indexed, but the idea is to give the tracker a guide that tells you what the site contains. The sitemap must be updated whenever new content is added to the web.

Robots.txt File
This type of file is used to instruct the crawler from Google about what content should be tracked, what not and how should be done. The file must be unique to a website, unless there are subdomains.

It is advisable to establish a hierarchy in the instructions, since in the same file may have different rules applied to different search engines.

Page speed
The speed at which you load a site also affects the SEO; however, it is also a key factor for users, preferring to visit pages that take less time to be displayed.

Duplicate content
It may be that a site has 10 percent of the original content; however, it can happen that one or more sites and copy this information is very important to Google than pages provide new and unique information to their users, so this would bring problems of positioning.

There is a tool called Copyscape used to locate duplicate content on the network. It is not one hundred percent sure, because not detect content in Flash, but it does provide an overview of existing content.

Canonical URL’s
Many sites post the same content through different URL’s. To tell Google which of them is preferred over other addresses, the order of canonicalization used. It is a statement that is inserted into the section of the HTML code.

Google cares about providing the best results to its users, so it is now focused on providing quality content. Although not many people believe, this search engine is able to read texts and see if they are consistent or not, whether they are original or not.

To considerably improve the positioning you should write original, informative, and relevant texts, for this you should take help from SEO consultant, should not be abusing keywords, as it would be considered a manipulated text and would be sanctioned by Google.

It is important to provide the user with easy navigation also. A few seconds have to win the attention of the user, in addition to providing quality content, movement through the website should be enjoyable.

A user should be able to move from one section to another easily and find the information you need without having to scan the entire page.

Install Google Analytics on a website will help know the traffic it has and identify which sections receive a greater number of visitors. You can also identify which keywords are the ones that offer better performance. So it is a must install this free tool.

Webmaster Tools
Google provides a powerful set of tools used to meet statistical errors and troubleshoot a site. It’s called Webmaster Tools.

It is so useful that shows, among other data:

  • Number of indexed pages
  • How many pages have been traced, which are not, and how many have been eliminated
  • Internal Links
  • Inbound links to a site
  • Way Google sees the site.

It is recommended to check at least once a week Webmaster Tools to identify problems at the sites, and identify areas of opportunity that can be repaired and improved positioning.

Social Media
Social networks do not provide exact performance metrics on a campaign to have them; however, diffusion forces that allow venture into Social Media. Currently every SEO campaign should integrate a strategy in this type of media, their influence is such that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, have begun to include social profiles within the search results.

As a site for social networks should be created nice content, information that is useful and can be viralised, not only in this way we will reach more potential customers; achieve more interactions between a publication in Social Media, will have greater influence on search engines.

Links Construction:
Inbound links are an important part of any SEO campaign, the problem is that it was so much its influence on the positioning, many sites resort to unethical tactics in order to obtain a large amount.

Updates Google algorithms have thrown much of this work in the trash, and that links to a site should be naturally creative, not through paid sites.

A good tip to get links naturally and not be penalized by Google is to create infographics and publishing information in blogs of the same niche business, hoping gradually to be shared again and again.

The above points are just a small part of all tasks an expert in SEO. You will hiring SEO company or local SEO Sydney for fulfill the above points. The benefits of ranking a site on the top of the results page are infinite, so it is difficult to achieve, but above all it requires patience to see results.