Carl Zeiss has its virtual reality glasses

The firm Carl Zeiss, known for its lenses for cameras, presented a set of virtual reality glasses. But unlike the Oculus Rift or Sony Project Morpheus, uses the screen of a smartphone, a concept similar to the Samsung showed in the recent IFA with their Gear VR, which takes advantage of the display of a Galaxy Note 4.

VR One glass

Thus, Carl Zeiss VR One glasses have a slot that is inserted the phone of the user (with a special cover for each model), which will provide the screen (from 4.7 to 5.2 inches maximum); the 3D effect is achieved with the optics within the telescope, which gives 100° of visual amplitude.

It will cost $99 when it goes on sale later this year, and requires an application, available for Android and iPhone, which manages the information displayed on the screen and adds tools; it allowed third parties to create applications for these glasses.

The company already had on the market the Cinemizer, glasses to see 3D movies stored on a media player, smartphone, tablet or PC.