CANON would be making 250 megapixel camera

CANON is a company that traditionally has been linked to photography, which for many years was analog and now digital, has always been at the top of the wave. And there are persistent rumors that there would be about to make a digital picture with a resolution of 250 megapixel.

canon making 250 megapixel camera

It would be manufacturing would be a CMOS sensor that would have an approximate resolution of 29.2 x 20.2 mm which would have a resolution of 19580 x 12,600 pixels per inch. However such resolutions are not exempt from problems since a tiny sensor and a considerable increase of the signal it is likely that delay problems occur in the signal.

The delay resolution of the problem could come from the use of a new APS-H sensor oriented professional market and would be capable of transmitting 1.25 million pixels per second which is a very high resolution with which it is a problem of the rapid series of images would be solved.

To understand what we are talking about should say that the sensor would be able to take sharp images of letters on the side of a plane 18 kilometers away. The new camera will also be able to record video multiplying by 125 times the full HD resolution and 30 times more than a 4K resolution.

The main advantage of the new camera is that it can magnify images and video that was recorded without sacrificing resolution and clarity. CANON would also have the idea of using those enormous resolutions on surveillance cameras and in instruments of precision average.

At the moment this new design is only available in CANON photo to SLR DSLR for professional use. So far DSLR cameras for professional use are using APS-H. However it is likely that reaches a day in which those sensors and those resolutions reach to compact cameras.