Can Your Start-Up Become a Web Celebrity?

If you have a start-up, you probably have big dreams of your company becoming popular online. Sites like Facebook and Twitter were once small start-ups like your company too. Then they became web celebrities, and billions of dollars in revenue followed. If your start-up can become popular online in this manner, you could become a billionaire as well.

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Now, let’s look at whether your start-up has it in the venture to become hip and well-known:

Do You Offer a Unique Product?
Facebook didn’t become popular solely on the back of an effective marketing campaign. Facebook offered a very unique product to the general public, quite serendipitously, some might add. Likewise, consider your own product. Is it unique like Facebook or Google? Obviously, not all products have to be life-changing for the company to be successful. Even if you don’t have a unique product, consumer appeal can take it far. For example, look at Apple. Apple under Steve Jobs did not offer highly unique products in comparison to its competitors. However, the company did uniquely market the products.

Are You Constantly Optimising Your Website?
Do you pay for a SEO services Sydney firm to handle your website optimisation? If so, good; that means you understand the importance of optimising your website. Popularity online is all about the traffic stats. If your website is not constantly being optimised, then you are not attracting enough traffic. You will need high numbers of people to visit your site. Not all of them will become customers, of course. They can, however, spread the word about your brand. The more people that visit your site, the more paying customers you will have as well.

Do You Have a Vibrant Presence on Social Media?
You must have a thriving social media campaign if you want your start-up to become a web celebrity. By now, you may have already nailed the basics of social media. Keep up the good work. You will need organic likes and shares on a daily basis to truly succeed. In the long run, the number of these organic likes and shares should gradually increase. Do not hesitate to invest in your social media campaign. Spend money wisely to increase the number of people who genuinely like your products.

Do You Blog?
Blogging is as important as social media for increasing brand awareness and gaining new customers. Blogging can establish your start-up as an authoritative source in your industry. Credibility, in this manner, is important for new businesses. Credibility can get you recognition, more customers, and even better search engine rankings. Therefore, blog and spread the word about your company and products. If your blog becomes popular, you will naturally have many new customers.

Are You Creating Videos?
The best way to stay ahead in the game is to be visually appealing. Good graphics attract customers’ attention. So upload great videos. People love watching short videos, commenting on them, and sharing them on social media. Take advantage of such habits and create videos related to your product to generate publicity.

Are You Updating Your Content?
Do not forget to keep all your content up-to-date. Otherwise your venture will fade into irrelevance. Update your blog, social media channels, website, and all other platforms on a daily basis.

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above questions, then your start-up is certainly on its ways to becoming popular. If you answered ‘no’, heed the tips provided above to improve your marketing strategy.