Blocks, the first modular smart watch

There are few hours so that the door closes partners and contributions to develop the first modular smart watch market. Blocks developers launched a website asking for a limited time, only $50 to become partners in this endeavor and no later than mid-2015, having one of the first models of this device.

Blocks smartwatch

But what is it? Blocks is a project to develop a smart watch that can adapt to what each user wants it to have. According Hakeem Javaid, one of the leaders of this initiative, Alireza Tahmasebzadeh, Serge Vasylechko and Omer El Fakir for various reasons began planning to launch a new product in the segment of apparel technology. They could not agree on what would make this product (if it was going to be a watch, a bracelet or a heart rate monitor) and much less in the way or benefits that would have. Faced with so many dilemmas, came to the decision that the user choose what benefits it should have, the shape and design of the device.

While there are no clear definitions of what it will, the video presentation is at its official site gives us an idea of where it comes from the hand. Blocks mimics the model of Ara project, introduced by Motorola and continued by Google, which seeks to develop the first modular mobile market.

The user can select the desired display format (either round, square or rectangular) and add functionality as a link in a chain that would engage in the watch strap. Thus, the user can choose to add GPS or monitor keystrokes, data connection or wi-fi.

Neither knows what operating system to use Blocks. This issue is not minor, taking into account compatibility with other devices or smartphones. However, the developers were very enthusiastic about compatibility with different devices (either Android, iOS or Windows Phone).

For those who are interested to invest in this project, though not much time left to them, the price to join is $50 and will be deducted from the final price of the watch to be presented, according to estimates, for the first half of 2015. The Blocks would have a price of 120 to 150 dollars and the value of each module would go from 20 to 40 dollars…