Blackberry 10.2.1 OS update, available worldwide

BlackBerry announced the release of version 10.2.1 of its operating system and available for everyone. This update puts the focus on simplicity; productivity is increased and improved connectivity, but not big news.

Blackberry 10.2.1 OS update

The Canadian company says that things which makes daily ‘faster and better’ can be made with these new improvements. Among the new features is the ability to filter the list of messages instantly from the panel Hub, which allows access to the notifications in one place. From now you can customize it to show only unread messages, messages with tracking marks, draft messages, meeting invitations, sent messages or notifications of level 1. Once established the filter criteria, will operate with a simple touch gesture from the list of messages.

The phone application now includes a new screen for incoming calls that allows taking a call by sliding your finger to the left or ignores it by sliding your finger to the right. This release also includes new intuitive to mute a call or send a message from BBM messaging service, SMS or email using the “Reply Now” function when icons is not the ideal time to answer the phone. This way, you can choose from a list of automatic replies or respond with a custom text. Among other improvements, it is now possible to create groups of SMS and e-mail to disseminate messages more efficiently.

The company also allows actionable notifications on the lock screen. With just a tap on the lock screen, it is now possible to answer important messages much faster or reviewing your messages with discretion.

The new version has added the quick release Image password. You just have to choose an image and then a number from 0 to 9, to be placed on a particular point of the image. When you try to unlock the phone, the image and a grid of random numbers will appear. To quickly unlock your phone, only you must slide the grid to match the number and extent of the selected image.

Since now it is possible to choose the synchronization source for the “Contacts” application, which ensures you always have the most current data. When adding a new contact, you can determine which sources you want to synchronize, for example, the corporate address book, Gmail or Hotmail.