Bill Gates drank water treated by a processing of sanitary waste

In a video released by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, the cofounder of Microsoft presented a prototype that plan to treat the human feces of 100,000 people and generating 86,000 liters of drinking water.

bill gates drink water

Water produced from human faeces that were the drink that Bill Gates proved a surprising video posted on his YouTube profile. In the video, the water produced from feces using a machine called OmniProcessor, created by Janicki Bioenergy.

“I saw a lot of feces enter the machinery. And a few minutes later I could taste the result: a glass of water. The next generation of this machinery may treat the feces of 100,000 people and produce 86,000 liters of drinking water”, says Gates in the surprising message.

He also argues that amazing machine is not only able to transform human waste into drinking water, if not also making feces into a commodity with a market value.

Some 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to health facilities, including toilets, and more than a billion people use the outdoor and public spaces to their needs and sanitized, contaminating sources of drinking water.

Away from the daily activity of the company he founded, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are doomed in the tasks of philanthropy of its foundation, considered one of the largest of its kind, with global campaigns for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.