Application for Gmail lets you know if sent emails were read by the recipient

MailTrack is a unique tool for Gmail and Chrome notifying if the recipient opened the mail, using a system much like WhatsApp ticks.

gmail track

Historically one of the concerns of mail users is to know whether or not the recipient read the sent mail, which is useful in work or trade, for example.

And since now Gmail also has its own notifier, thanks to MailTrack, a system developed for the Chrome browser that uses the same principle of the system of WhatsApp to inform whether or not the person opened the mail.

The application is free and information when, where and from which device the message is opened, at the same time respecting user privacy. It is possible to avoid misunderstandings, scams, coordinating meetings of family and friends, or to know if the resume that was sent was opened by the company.

The system is simple: the sent mail appears with a tick and a second tick notified of the reception, while X indicates that the mail could not be traced because it was not used activated extension. To visualize this, we must go to the area Gmail “sent” area.

Recall that the difference with WhatsApp is that the latter only indicates whether the message was received by the device, but does not warn if it was read.

Its creators said they are already working on a version for mobile devices. Meanwhile, if you want to download it can do so from the Google Chrome store or on its official website.