Apple wants to send you ads based on your mood

Apple does not stop. According to the latest a series of documents introduced in the U.S. Patent and Trademark, the Cupertino want to patent a system to detect the mood of the user and based on this, give a type of ad.

apple ads

The documents show that Apple is looking at how to measure or detect the mood of its members to achieve this goal.

The technology described in the patent and its purposes may seem invasive, because for example, if the user is decayed it may rain down ads for antidepressant drugs.

The application states that the system would collect and analyze data from a user for some time in order to “create a profile based on the mood”. That profile is then compare with other similar profiles-related behavior and once qualified would begin to receive, “appropriate” ads to his humor.

They are not the first to try to track mood and associate advertising. Google already be exploring this advertising through Google Glass, which would analyze as there is a person according to the movement and status of pupils.

For Apple, the patent describes a physical level, this system would use several types of sensors are responsible for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, the body temperature and oral expression.

It is also responsible for measuring how the user interacts with a device, such as what time the application opens, or check social networks. This adds the location, time, dates and how consumes mobile data.