Apple wants to design new headphones that fit the ear

The company Apple is seeking excellence in the market. A new patent application reveals that the Cupertino Company is working on a new model of headphones, for both iPhone and iPod.

apple new headphones

In this patent, Apple includes the new headphones that are adapted to the size of the external ear canal of the users through a more flexible design that at the same time isolated from the noise. Maybe Apple earphones are not the best “gadget” developed by the company.

Therefore, many users have been forwarded these complaints to the board that have been put to work to advance and create a headset that will match devices such as iPhone or iPod. With the arrival of the iPhone 5 and new iPods, last September, Apple released a new version of their headphones, called EarPods, but hardly was a great hearing improvement over the previous.

However, this may change soon according to Apple patent. The Cupertino Company has filed with the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a patent application which describes a new model of headphones for their devices. This new development is to adapt the size of the handset of the external ear canal of the user.

Thus, significantly improve the sound input to the ear and isolate external sound. In addition, another advantage to have these new headphones is the ability to avoid the noise from outside, i.e. adjust EQ parameters.

In addition users can know if the headset is fully-molded or to enjoy music in numerous situations, such as when playing sports. In the event that this patent is approved and Apple decides to develop, these new headphones are possibly present in the new generation of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Company.

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