Apple testing solar energy to charge the iWatch

The battery life is one of the unresolved issues in intelligent technology industry. Still in mobile has not come to get the “perfect battery” but since Apple is looking for alternative ways to keep the battery in a device that has not reached the market, the iWatch.

apple iwatch

The development team of Apple smart watch is testing a display that also serve as solar load cell. This smartwatch screen would charge the battery during sunny days.

In the autumn of last year, Apple published a list in which it requested experts in solar energy. “iWatch” use a curved glass screen, as said in the last year. Moreover, another source unveiled also testing the possibility of charging the battery through movement and wirelessly.

Charging through movement is an option already in use in many watches. It is a question of a mechanism that is activated when the arm moves in the one that takes the clock. This swing makes that it activates a small charging station. This according to a patent granted to Apple in 2009.

As for wireless charging, it would be something similar to what they offer some phones of Nokia Lumia. The mobile phone, or in this case, clock, will be charged by contact, on a workstation, without having the device is connected. Apple has been dedicated to hire engineers with experience in design and energy companies like A123, Toyota and Tesla.