Apple patent headphones that track activity during exercise

Forget iWatch, Apple has obtained the patent of an interesting device designed for athletes. This is a measurement and tracking mechanism built into a pair of headphones.

apple patent headphones

The device would be able to track user activity during the year, as well as detecting other biometric data such as temperature, sweat and heartbeat.

As explained in the patent document, at least one sensor is activated by the movements of the head.

“The monitoring system will be located near the head or ears. Depending on how it is located, the system can be used in headphones. This system can, for example, be used to track the activities of a user as in exercise or sports activities”.

The patent is named “Sports Monitoring System for headphones” and was presented in August 2008. It was granted on February 18, 2014. This means that Apple has been interested in this technology for at least six years. Christopher Prest and Quin C. Hoellwarth are listed as the inventors of the patent.